Fluid-Touch Design
Ralph Thomas
26 October 2014
Here's a prototype I put together yesterday for a Fluid-Touch Floating Action Button. It works in Chrome and Safari, better on fast computers (mobile users: open the demo standalone):
Here's why my Fluid-Touch Floating Action Button is better than Inbox by GMail's:

The spring implementation that the demo uses is based on the algebraic integration of the standard damped spring equation—this means it's about as fast as any of the standard Android animation curves (as compared to something like Facebook Rebound, which uses expensive numerical integration to compute the spring's position every frame).

I originally wrote the spring for my recent game Letterplex and transliterated it to JavaScript for this prototype. I've released the source to all of the physics simulations that Letterplex uses as Gravitas. As I'm sure you'll agree, UI that incorporates physical simulations has Gravitas.